Blake Wright Guitars and pickups sale


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Mar 1, 2014
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Just a quick note to introduce myself.

I am the owner of Blake Wright Guitars, LLC.

I sell guitars and pickups at ridiculous prices.
I only use wood that's in excess in my manufacturers warehouses, so we keep costs down, and we do not fell any trees for our specific uses.

Our pickups are wound to order here in the states, and then I send the specifics to Korea to have them made by a manufacturer to match my specs, so we don't have to keep prices boutique high, but we get a boutique sound. They are all hand wound, and they are unbelievable.

Right now I am running a sale on my pickups...10% off...use code 'AGF' to get the discount.
I am currently very low on guitar stock, but will be having some new Les Paul double cut style coming in very soon.

Please check us out!

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