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Sep 2, 2022
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Hi- I'm a 45 yr old noodler that had played more acoustic than electric since HS. Married, a few kids- 3 college-aged and 1 middle schooler. Live in the midwest, married 24 yrs, BS IT and M Ed., and finishing a Master's in IT/Sec at the moment. Disabled veteran- funny story, that. Work for VA as a claims examiner for the last few years, so feel free to PM me questions outside of the forum. I can't look at your records, I can't change things, etc- Federal privacy laws and ethics. I CAN give advice, though, or explain why X might be happening.

I own a '61 Reissue SG that has had the caps, tuners, pickguard, and knobs replaced. I've had a few others over the years but this one sounds the best out of them.

I was briefly in a 'dad' band a few years ago at a music academy for after-school kids. We (kids and our dad group) got to play in a few local bars that had agreements with the school so the bar would shut down the alcohol for an hour and a half and let them/us do a 'showcase' to give everyone performance experience with an audience. It was pretty cool- we had kids as young as 10 or so forming up groups and getting the full experience of load in/out, running cables, stage presence, playing in front of an audience, etc.

We only played covers of some stuff, no aspirations of greatness- we just figured as long as we were all there every week anyway....... Good times.


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