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Apr 4, 2022
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Hey all!

I got a 2012 SG Future Tribute about a month ago.
It had been serving time as a wall hanging in a high income man cave.
Seems like it had never been played.
At a minimum, it had never been set up properly.
Neck was a banana, nut had the typical Gibbie "way too high" condition, just sorely in need of TLC.
Set up nicely now, action at .025 high e, 12th fret.
Slightly higher low e.
Neck dead straight.Plays like a charm.
Just the right width and the asymmetrical neck profile is really comfy on my big paws.
I had owned a few SG's in the past but none were as perfect of a fit as this one.
I had a 1961 reissue, neck too skinny & narrow.
I had a 2004 Standard, Neck felt like I was holding a rowboat hull.
This one is just right.
The Steinberg tuners are a little peculiar but very accurate and they hold tune quite well.
The '57+ pups are quite acceptable, even for my paleo-metal style.
( I may get some Black Winter pups but they'll do for now)

Oh and did I say that SG's just look so cool when ANYONE plays one....


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