I'm looking for the first electric guitar I ever owned - a mid 60's SG Special.

Rod Abernethy

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Dec 14, 2021
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Hi folks, I'm on a quest to find a specific SG Special from the 60's and I realize that it's a true needle in a haystack.

I'm searching for the first electric guitar my dad bought for me, a Gibson SG Special. Cherry red with the Vibrola. He bought it from Alexander's Music in Spartanburg. SC in '65 or '66 and we traded it to a music store in Asheville, NC for a new '68 Les Paul...I don't have the Les Paul either and if I found it these days I really couldn't afford it :) But I'm willing to pay for the SG Special if it could be located.

The one thing about my old SG Special that makes me believe I can find it is that I had modified the guitar to fit a Fender Go-Around belt guitar strap, a really stupid move that I made as a young teenager. But the two holes that I put in the back of the guitar might be the thing that helps me identify it. I've attached some pics of the Fender Go Around strap so you can see how it attached to a guitar. There can't be that many SGs with holes in the back, I'm hoping that someone has it in their collection.

Any suggestions on how I might continue my search for my old SG Special would be GREATLY appreciated , thanks so much for reading my post.



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