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Is my sideways vibrola ok? (aside from the obvious)

John Nada

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Dec 29, 2022
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Germany & Netherlands
Hey everyone,

Long time reader, long time SG player, new user and first time poster, Today I got a new SG, a Standard 61 with sideways vibrola. I've wanted this guitar for many years, played one this week and I actually love the feel and sound with the vibrola, aside from the look, though I know generally it doesn't work well for its intended reason. I ordered a MojoAxe Vibrostop right away, and that was the plan all along, though I might have to wait a while before it arrives in Germany. But first things first, in terms of looks this guitar is exactly what I hoped for:


And more important is that it plays and sounds great.

Now I'm far from a luthier. I rarely do anything to my guitars myself because I don't want to mess things up. But when I get something new, especially at this price point, I always hope I don't overlook any issues with the guitar. What I did notice that the highest three strings run a bit in a sideways angle to the bridge, which is visible the most on the high E string.


You can see that starting from the G to the high E the strings go more to the right before they reach the bridge. I mainly want to know if this is a production error (in which case I've got a return policy), or that this is simply something I have to adjust in the bridge or the vibrola. My thought was that one of the springs in the vibrola might be tighter than the other and thus causing this. As you can see on the first picture, the arm is also very much out there. So much, I have to raise it in order to plug a cable.

Ofcourse I will bring the guitar to my luthier once the Vibrostop arrives, but that could maybe take a while. Bringing it in beforehand wouldn't make sense, as the setup would have to be redone once the vibrola gets blocked. So I hope there are people here who can help me out. Is it normal that the arm rattles a lot by the way?

Besides that, I noticed this on the neck somewhere.


Looks to my like some glue scrapings or something that got stuck under the finish, am I right? As long as it isn't a crack or anything, I don't mind.


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