New Mesa Ballbuster

SG Lou

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Dec 13, 2004
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Fords, NJ
A LITTLE OVERKILL IF YA ASK ME ! :idiot: :shocked: :shocked:

"This 12 channel head has it all! The Mark I, Mark IIC+, the Mark III, The Mark IV, the Mark V, the Mark VI, the Mark VII, The Lonestar, the Stiletto, the Dual Rectifier, the Triple Rectifier, and the Quadruple Rectifier. Choose one channel, or run up to all 12 channels at the same time. Adjustable wattage from 1-500, and get can adjust in .5 watt increments!!

The new Dectuple Rectifier boasts 12 (yep) 12AX7 preamp tubes, 10 6L6 and 10 EL34 power tubes. The 84 channel midi controlled footswitch lets you control all channels.

Built in blue tooth lets you communicate with your computer making this the world's first DAW compatible tube amp. The Matching Decto Cab 1040 boasts 4X12 inch Celestion Alnico Gold 150 watt 16 Ohm speakers especially designed by Celestion for Mesa Boogie. The full stack two cabinet option allows the head to be run in mono or stereo using the stereo switch.

Brian Marnet, head of marketing North American Division, says that the head will retail for under $3000 and the cabs will retail for under $1200 each. A 4X12 combo version pushing 250 watts will be available by March 2010.

Among the artists clamoring to endorse the new head: Brian May, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Slash, Joe Bonnamosa, Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani.

Quote from Slash, "Dude, this amp is the shizzle. My brain hurts from playing it too loud this morning."



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Dec 12, 2004
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Redondo Beach, California
Mesa Ballbuster.....LOL

BallCracker, fissureStrainer, RectimFryer, NoodleCrusher...LOL

This is the funniest thing I ever heard of besides ol Esser's Strat Grounding scheme.

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