NGD 2020 SG Classic


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Apr 15, 2022
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Worn finish in cherry red SG Classic with P90.

Received it a couple of days ago, I like P90 pickups ;-)
I had a 2011 SG Special a while ago, really enjoyed it though it had neck and bridge issues.
The classic has a TOM and a stopbar which I prefer, so why not.
The neck binding is a good asset too.

I did a whole setup, action was way too high and the neck needed a truss rod tune up.
The positive thing is that the frets are not uneven, many Epi I had in the past got some issues with frets.
According to the specs, the fretboard is made of Indian Laurel.
The body and neck are made of some mahogany species.
Some extra attention was brought to the bevels in comparison with my SG Custom.

The original strings were just pure junk, doing a set up with these is a loss of time.
I restrung the guitar with Ernie Ball regular slinky and then I could properly set up the action and neck relief.

The worn finish lets the wood grain show up, not bad at all.
Under the sunlight the wood grain seems really nice.
The tone of the P90 is very nice, well done Epiphone!
The neck is slim and lacks a bit of shoulder, especially when being used to a fatter neck but after some playing it seems OK but still a bit thinner than a Gibby Slim taper.

Anyway, in this price range the Classic is really well built and worth it!

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Yours look perfect, always some luck involved. I'm waiting for one to come in stock. I just hope I get one like yours with level frets and dead on string spacing, The neck is always my main concern.

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