SG 61 Aged Cherry.

Col Mustard

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Sep 29, 2009
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Oscoda Michigan
well and so... welcome to ETSG, and congratulations on finally getting
something you can bond with.

I hope you are able to... A fine Gibson like yours ought to be considered
the guitar of a lifetime. Many of us can't afford the top-line models (like me)
and play lesser versions to great effect.

Lucky me, I own three Gibsons... None of them are top-line models
and all of them have given great service for years.
Three Gibsons@100.jpeg
All of them needed some work in order to be what I needed. Except the faded brown SG at left...
She was perfect. I've just modded her out of crazy love. And each of these rewards me with
such excellent tone.

May you have this joy. And may each ding that occurs add to your tone
as it has to mine.


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Nov 8, 2022
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I threw in the towel months ago on this model, I already have three SG’s including a ‘61 from 2020 which is an excellent specimen. This is a guitar I really didn’t need, but I was seduced by the color. Glad you got a winner, hope you enjoy it for many years to come!
Thanks, It looks like a lifelong companion for sure


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May 9, 2021
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I ordered a brand new Exclusive Aged Cherry Standard with gold hardware and the nut slot under the .046 string was barely there. The string was about .08" above the first fret and barely in a slot. It was glaringly obvious as soon as I took the guitar out of the case. So, I exchanged it immediately. I got the replacement today and it had gouges inside the lower horn. Looked like a bad sanding or polishing accident. So it's going back tomorrow. The guitar lists at $2099. The Aged Cherry looks amazing with the gold hardware so I'm exchanging again. And I really loved the necks on both guitars. I thought Gibson was all about quality lately? This is my 1st Gibson purchase in about 10 years. I won't accept a $2000 guitar with defects without a huge discount and the staff at this online dealership isn't offering me that. They gave me a $20 set of strings with my 1st exchange. I'm wondering if I should try Gibson direct? Any opinions or advice is welcomed.
I know what you mean about the Aged Cherry finish...I got 2 guitars with it a 2018 EXPLORER w/Gold Hardware and a 2019 SG Original and both are ROCKIN, especially the SG w/Chrome Maestro and Hardware really is BAD-A$$ colour and can look ebony in the right light......!

IDK if the 1st one that had the poorly cut NUT would be enough for me to send back....but sometimes GIBSON Nuts are really difficult to dig out the 1st time they are changed, so that's a consideration...the 2nd one sounds more defective to me but without seeing it...IDK ! BUT HEY, For $2100 you should be completely satisfied with your purchase though, ITS YOUR HARD EARNED $$$ after all.....good luck with the next one !

The last two GIBSON's I bought, I bought DIRECT from GIBSON USA and both arrived absolutely FLAWLESS ! a 2022 LES PAUL Special (TV Yellow '54 look-a-like but not re-issue!) and a 2021 70's Tribute FLYING V....I was really glad I went the GIBSON direct route and will probably go that route from now on...who needs the middleman now anyway ? The fewer hands touching the guitar on its way to me, I say, the better !!!

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