SG Standard Korina


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Dec 12, 2004
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Here's a response I received on the Gibson forum:

Your guitar was made in 1994.

According to the "GibsonEGuitarSerial.pdf", which is available at:

One of the last entries on page three states:

"In 1994, for Gibson's Centennial, they used a new serialization for that one year. Every serial number started with 94 followed by 6 digits which were the production dates and number".

So 94016326 would indicate that it was the 26th instrument at the Nashville factory on the 16th January 1994. As stated previously I purchased it in late 1996, but the delay between the build and purchase dates is not unusual in this part of the world (Australia) - my 1968 Gibson SJ was purchased new in November 1970. Perhaps they float them over the Pacific!

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