the holy trinity

Col Mustard

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Sep 29, 2009
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Oscoda Michigan
my trinity wasn't holy...
and they weren't SGs
Three Basses@100.jpg
and I only have one of them left
but I sure laid down some bottom with these three...
Left to right:

'97 ex Squier Precision Bass, rescued by me from oblivion
and rebuilt with good quality parts. Set up perfectly by a world class luthier...
I named her Raven. Had to sell that one in 2019 for medical reasons.
There is something about the tone of a Precision Bass... it's something
ol' Leo Fender got right the first time. I always regarded the P-bass as a
one trick pony, but played through a modern amp Raven gives up nothing
to fancy basses costing ten times her original price. Simple and good, the
P-bass tone is heard on hundreds and hundreds of hit songs.

2009 Warmoth fretless Jazz Bass... I ordered the parts, stained and varnished them
with tung oil, hand carved the pick guard and control cover out of a cabinet maker's
rejected walnut board, soldered in a set of Fender "vintage" pickups... I named her
Luretta. My dream bass, I kept this one and still play her... beginning to get some
gigs again. Luretta's got a great growl and mwah sound.

1966 Fender Jazz Bass... a dream bass for a lifetime. I bought this instrument
for $100 in like 1972. At that time it was just an old bass. People weren't worshipping
them yet. The neck was warped, which is why the owner was willing to take a hundred. I got the neck straightened by Dan Earlewine, who was just beginning
his career in the luthier biz. Then I played this bass for the next 46 years, constantly
gigging at small venues and large ones. I'm sure I made hundreds of dollars playing
this bass. I named him Sluggo. I sold him for $3000 in 2019, so I could be care giver
for my lady who was fighting with cancer. For most of the time I owned Sluggo, I never
looked at another bass. Why would I? The J-Bass was another of those things Leo Fender got right. Great tone, solid as a rock, dependable and durable. Sometimes
after a show, the soundman would come down to look at Sluggo, having mixed his tones all evening.
Luretta onstage 2018_sharp.jpeg


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Jul 14, 2012
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A triumvirate

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