Weird SG Deluxe from 1998


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May 7, 2022
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Hi everyone, I'm new here :)

A couple of months ago I acquired a Gibson SG Deluxe from 1998 in the color Ice Blue. It's quite a strange SG. It's in a color i've never seen, it's got three mini humbuckers with a veritone switch and it's also got a "maestro' labeled Bigsby. I've created this thread to ask some questions and it might be useful for future research who might stumble upon this.

I looked online and there really isn't a whole lot of info on this one. Some reverb ads, a SG wiki entry and about five to ten forum posts but other than that this seems to be a very niche guitar with practically no available information. Guy who I bought it from was the original owner and even had the original gigbag with it.

They were produced in three colors: Hellfire red, Ice Blue and Ebony. Red and Blue were produced with either an ebony fretboard with blocks or a rosewood fretboard with dots. Ebony was only created with Ebony board with block inlays. From what I can tell, the ebony is by far the least produced followed by the blue one, with the red one being produced the most.. If my research is correct:

A couple of hundred were produced, with the following being the scale of rarity from least rare to rarest:
- Hellfire red with dots
- Blue Ice with dots
- Ebony (only blocks)
- Hellfire red with blocks
- Blue Ice with blocks

So I have some questions. It's in pretty good condition with no buckle rash, chips or dings but it does have some scratches on the back and headstock, which is to be expected for a 25 year old guitar. Is there some product I can use that is safe for this finish to remove some of these scratches? I have no idea what the material of the finish is called so I'm very hesitant to use random products. Furthermore, what is something like this worth? I'd rate it's condition about 8.5/10. I checked on reverb but this guitar only sees about one sale a year and past sales aren't really a good indicator as guitar prices have soared since covid. Anything else anybody can tell me about them is greatly appreciated! If there's interest I can upload some pics :)



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