What is your favorite guitar ?


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Jun 3, 2010
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As far as I saw, no one has mentioned the Fender American Professional II Stratocaster model - Dark Night with Rosewood Fingerboard. Guys, just look at this model; I have attached below a photo of how it looks. I have never seen a more stylish and unusual guitar neck. I haven't bought it for myself yet, but I plan to fix it within two months. I fell in love with this guitar and have already ordered many shop guitar accessories. I think tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will go to the music store to check how it plays. Still, I am already sure that I will like everything and be the happiest person when I take this baby home.

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They’re great guitars, I have one in Miami Blue.



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Nov 24, 2021
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Did you add the neck PUs in these beauties?
I have the SG-1 All American in my avatar with the original 500T. It is absolutely my favorite of the guitars I own. The one I'll never part with.
The bridge PU (only one in mine of course) sits about 1/2 inch further from the bridge than other SGs which is perfect for a single pickup guitar, giving it a much wider range of available tones.
I've seen others that have been modified such as Charlie Starr's one with a single P90. View attachment 49150
One thing I really enjoy is the placement of the volume and tone knobs
The first one I got (the SG-1) already had the neck pickup added, although the route was pretty rough and looked like it had been chewed out by an angry rodent. When I got the second one (the SG-X), I did the route myself, and at the same time cleaned up the route in the other one. I agree that the control locations are perfect. I like them a lot better than the standard 4 knob SG configuration.

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