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Just picked up an Epiphone SG Standard that I Think is a '61 from 2018 (per SN lookup that yielded scant details); Grover tuners... Is that unusual or to be expected? From a pawn shop. Still researching what I got my hands on but feels and plays nicely so far!
Just for reference, all my life I have played Gibson Les Pauls. I’ve owned a very many of them. I’ve never really been a collector or even a keeper for that matter. That’s why I’ve been through so many instruments. I know what it take’s to make a very high quality guitar and I know what they feel and sound like. I’ve also owned several high end tube amps. Take care everyone!
Brand new member. Old SG fanatic with a collection of 10 SG's all Custom Shop Les Paul Customs or very unique in other characteristics (plus a White Falcon, custom Heritage Eagle Classic, 3 D'Angelico EXLs and a LTD Viper Deluxe; plus my '71 Les Paul Custom). Stay tuned for pictures.
The 66 is 15 K it is like new, I had been offered a few times 12,500 I know the price is up there but its all about condition you can emeil me at [email protected], I have had these guitars for a long time and prices just keep going up if you got any questions drop me an email I am in RI

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